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A clash of cultures. Security agent versus barbarian warrior. On an expedition to a newly discovered barbarian world, an experienced security agent doesn't expect to be working with a big, bossy barbarian warrior.Agent Honor Brandall enjoys her job as security agent for the Institute of Historical Preservation's expedition ships. Adventures to distant planets - awesome. Archeological digs for ancient old Earth artifacts - interesting. Keeping the archeologists safe - no problem. The fact she's tall, strong and good in a fight means most of the men she works with are intimidated by her, but she refuses to apologize for being good at her job. But on a mission to the barbarian world of Markaria, she finds herself paired with a brawny warrior who challenges her in every way.Markarian warrior Colm Mal Kor is second-in-command to his warlord and spends his days training to hone his skills and control. He's dedicated to defending his clan...and to hiding the deadly secret he can never share with anyone. But when he's thrust into working with a beautiful, challenging skyflyer, Colm finds a wild attraction he never expected and the biggest risk to his hard-earned control that he's ever encountered.On an expedition to Markaria's icy moons, Honor and Colm work side by side, but the ice and snow aren't enough to stop them from wanting each other. As their mission takes a deadly turn, they must trust each other to survive, but it isn't just wild beasts and ferocious enemies that are a danger... Colm is harboring something inside him that is far more lethal...something that might destroy them all.Note to readers: This sci fi romance contains a lot of action (think space pirates, dangerous beasts and ice caves), cool offsiders (sexy alien warriors and security agents) and a steamy romance (lots of sexy times between a barbarian warrior and an independent agent). This is treasure hunting sci-fi style. So if you like it fast, and fun, and sexy, this is for you!Includes preview of the Hell Squad book, Marcus.Q & A with the AuthorQ - How would you describe the Phoenix Adventures series?A - Treasure hunters in space! A few readers have said it's like Indiana Jones set far into the future. All the books in the series are fast, fun thrill-ride treasure hunts for old Earth artifacts. There is lots of action, adventure, space opera, and of course, romance. I'm thrilled the books in the series have won so many awards from a SFR Galaxy Award for Most Fun New Series to a Prism Award for Best Futuristic Romance (On a Rogue Planet) to the Romance Writers of Australia Romantic Novella of the Year (Beneath A Trojan Moon). Q - Why did you want to write the series?A - I love action, adventure and romance. And I love science fiction romance and all the endless possibilities. Combine all that with a fascination with ancient artifacts and the Phoenix Adventures were born. I really wanted to capture what the expeditions of old must have felt like - trekking through jungles or desert sands and stumbling across crumbling ruins. Since all the good stuff has been found nowadays, I looked to the future and jetted off into space.Q - What order should I read the books in?A - All the Phoenix Adventures books are stand-alone adventures - many readers have entered the series with later books in the series. However, characters from the early stories do appear in later books, so I think it adds something to the reading experience to read them in order. Here's the order I suggest:- Among Galactic Ruins (prequel)- At Star's End- In the Devil's Nebula- On a Rogue Planet- Beneath a Trojan Moon (novella)- Beyond Galaxy's Edge- On a Cyborg Planet (novella)- Return to Dark Earth- On a Barbarian World- Lost in Barbarian Space- Through Uncharted Space- Beyond Distant Stars (coming soon)

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