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Design, build, and administer scalable graph database systems for your applications using Neo4jAbout This BookExplore the numerous components that provide abstractions for pretty much any functionality you need from your persistent graphsFamiliarize yourself with how to test the GraphAware framework, along with working in High Availability modeGet an insight into the internal working of Neo4j and learn about some useful tools, administrative configurations, and security tweaks built for itWho This Book Is ForIf you are a professional or enthusiast who has a basic understanding of graphs or has basic knowledge of Neo4j operations, this is the book for you. Although it is targeted at an advanced user base, this book can be used by beginners as it touches upon the basics. So, if you are passionate about taming complex data with the help of graphs and building high performance applications, you will be able to get valuable insights from this book.What You Will LearnUnderstand the fundamentals of graphs, NoSQL databases, and graph databasesQuery Neo4j using Cypher, and optimize your data model and queries to improve Cypher's performanceMigrate from existing SQL stores and data import/export techniquesExplore the data modeling concepts and techniques associated with graph data in Neo4jDevelop applications with Neo4j to handle high volumes of dataDefine how to develop an efficient architecture and transactions in a scalable wayStudy the in-built graph algorithms for better traversals and discover Spring-Data-Neo4jLook under the hood of Neo4j, covering concepts from the core classes in the source to the internal storage structure, caching, transactions, and related operationsIn DetailThis book provides an insight into working with Neo4j; deployment, configuration, and optimization of the data models; and utilizing storage for better performance.This book covers all aspects related to working with Neo4j, including querying, indexing, modeling of graph data, testing, and deployment of your Neo4j applications, and also shows you the internal features of the Neo4j graph database. With a sample demonstration and outline of community developed tools, this book will help you develop cutting-edge, high performance, and secure applications for complex data using the Neo4j graph database.

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